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A VFX and Motion Graphics graduate with aspirations to work as a Compositor.  Skilled in Nuke and After effects. Also, have enough experience with Cinema 4D to generate 3D work for personal projects. Worked on a few collaborative projects at the university level. With a strong interest in the industry and a thorough understanding of the pipeline, always up for becoming a part of fascinating new projects.


DAVID SINGER - Compositor | Framestore

Antony is willing to get out there and make things happen, literally in the case of setting up and filming for his own project. He has made a film and undertaken various facets of VFX work. Rather than having the summer off between university years, he is actively pursuing internship opportunities.

Antony is clearly talented and driven. He's also interested in learning other VFX skills, not only compositing, which is a good idea to be more well-rounded.

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